Songul Odan vigorously defends Kivanc Tatlitug due to charges related to his wife!


Turkish artist Songul Odan, 41, known as “Noor” in the Arab world, has not stood silent before the press there in the life of her colleague and boyfriend, artist Kivanc Tatlitug, permanently and in her minor details.

Odan, who partnered with Tatlitug, also known as Muhannad, was also accused by his Arab audience because of the series “Nour”, which was shown on satellite TV in nearly 2005 and received a very wide follow-up.

The actress explained that her boyfriend, Kivanc Tatlitug, does not interfere with anyone’s life, and it should be respected, appreciated, and moved away from his private life and never offending her.

Songul Odan defended Tatlitug after the press accused the latter’s wife, Basak Desire, of being behind her husband’s rejection of some of the professional offers he had received, and that she interfered extensively with his career choices.

Turkish press reports had said a few days ago that Kivanc had rejected all the performances presented to him, even though he had succeeded in commercializing the “Mavi” brand in which he performed a rap song and garnered high audience views.

According to reports, Kivanche received 5 million Turkish liras, or approximately 877 thousand dollars, for his performance in this announcement.

And Turkish technical reports showed that Tatlitug responded to the wish of his wife, who rejected this new step for fear of doubling the number of his admirers, because she is very jealous.

Turkish producers have offered the well-known artist large sums to release an album that includes a number of rap songs, but he hesitated, and sources close to him reported that he requested two million dollars from one of them to agree.

But after a short period of time, Tatlitug informed the producers of his withdrawal from the move and said that he agreed to shoot a series that will be shown on the Netflix platform, and that it will start filming soon.

In another context, the remarks of the actress Songul Odan had caused a wide interaction between the fans recently when she said that she did not agree with the intimate scenes in the series “Nour” with Kivanc Tatlitug.

Odan added in press statements that she was not satisfied with the scenes of kisses that were embodied in the work that was presented almost 15 years ago to the Arab audience, but was forced to agree to photograph her after the director and the team convinced her.

The actress explained, “I was not satisfied with it, of course, but I did it because I am an actress and I understand that this is what the profession requires.”

She stressed that when she embodies characters who are different from her true personality, this does not mean that she agrees with all of her actions, pointing out that when she is accepted as an actress, she does not accept Xingol.


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