Snapchat provides a tool to simplify the creation of virtual reality lenses


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Snapchat provides a tool to simplify the creation of virtual reality lenses, today, Friday, March 13, 2020 09:32 am

Snapchat was able to spread the idea of ​​using virtual elements in the form of lenses appearing above photos or videos, and now it launched a simple and basic tool through which anyone can create his own lens without the need for great experience or specialized tools.

With the Lens Web Builder tool, Snapchat wants more companies to join and create promotional lenses that can be used on the platform.

Snapchat can allow anyone, via the web browser, to create lenses in minutes and without any AR design experience. Instead of the need for augmented reality application or a high-level design experience.

Snapchat provides hundreds of items that can be used in lenses such as 3D objects, effects and animations, and users can upload items from them such as corporate logos and images for further customization.

Snapchat says more than 75% of its 218 million daily active users interact with augmented reality content daily. There are more than 735,000 lenses created, and some famous lenses have billions of views and use created by Lens Studio, which Snapchat will continue to support to create complex augmented reality, while the new tool launched today provides a simpler experience.

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