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Cairo – Saeed Al-Beheiri

Syrian actress revealed Sulaf Fwakhergy, The secret of her absence from Egyptian Drama The last period, as I talked about the scenes of her new work with the great artist Duraid Lahham, who is named after “Chicago Street”, and is currently being filmed. However, our circumstances in Syria, whether war or personal circumstances, preferred to be in my country. I am always an Egyptian hobby, and I love returning to Egypt, which is my second home. And the House of Arts, and we all have this thirst for the Egyptian visa. Its taste and feel are different Ge between Syria and Egypt, the same traditions and people, even if Mafeesh filled keen on the presence in Egypt, a part of us in Syria. ”

She added: “I am in Egypt recently because of the presence of Farah, the daughter of actress Sherine Wajdi, and I have a series in Syria, so I said I get a leave to prepare more, and I love eating fava and koshari.”

She continued: “I am ashamed of communicating with the producers and who is communicating with me of course we talk and see the work that they want in it, and the war was difficult and personal events have become with me that made me move away, but always technical presentations and communication exist, and I recently presented the series (Hot Line) and because of my return to Egypt, I Of course, Hadia and I love to study every step carefully, and after Asmahan she gave my son a son and this made me nurture him of course, and Asmahan worked for me with a big name, but I, as an actress, are still learning and there is no great work and the greatest other, but it remains to present experiences whether I succeed or not, and Asmahan is a stage and concluded and I will not stop there much And before it presented the series (Halim).

She indicated: “Asmahan is an important work and I love biographies and feel a challenge in it, and my name is associated with a well-known personality, an important thing and I enjoy this idea, and Asmahan is from the great Arab and Syrian voices, even her life is full of drama and for any actress who will be curious and ambitious to present the role, and then presented me with biographies in Egypt, but I rejected it because I felt it was free from mistakes, and this is not reasonable. Asmahan, her keys were easy and difficult. A human being who felt like a bird was locked in a cage and singing made it free. This primary key and the state of her fear of death was an obsession with a character that was not easy, and in many similarities between me and Asmahan For example, obsessive art J, passion and self-assertion. ”

And she added: “I love a lot the oldest personalities who are in reality or not, after Asmahan I would have made a wonderful example of my injuries and we would have started it and it was a different act from what was known about her and she was an amazing personality, men and six are not right and I do not have the right of six without a man and it is a complete story that is difficult to be divided” .

Chicago Street

And about her standing before the artist Duraid Lahham in their new series, “Chicago Street”, Slav said: “It is written and directed by Mohamed Abdel Aziz and a Syrian series, and it has great names from Syria, most notably Duraid Lahham, and it is the first time I stand in front of him despite our great friendship, which is a great opportunity to put it in my CV, which is One of the symbols of Syria, and I still feel the gift of standing in front of the camera, of course, and the late artist Nour al-Sharif told me one time (when you look at the camera, tell her that you love you and he will love you) and she is a lover and a lover when you love her she will love you, and the creator does not die in general.

Haitham Ahmed Zaki

And about her relationship with the late Haitham Ahmed Zaki and her work with him in the movie (Halim), she said: “The news of his departure was unnaturally painful and I cried hard and I was just by accident I was at my expense in Instagram my scene with him, and then I was surprised after the news about his death and it was tragic news, and we were all Standing next to him at work and Professor Sharif Arafa was very supportive and he was happy for his tenth that he was a match himself, where he had them and we gathered many moments and our relations were wonderful, and of course the lotion was in tension because of the health of his father Ahmed Zaki, but also there was a wonderful location and it finally came out One of the most important films now. ”

The Syrian war

On the state of the Syrian war and how it affected it, she pointed out: “There is no house in which there is no martyr or arrested, and the issue was psychological and whatever we tried, we want a time of course, the time is better, and the Syrian is not very great for what I endured and suffered and the war changed in us from exhaustion and fatigue and I have many martyrs and My family, and finally you feel that there is a country more important than any one we buried. We are passing people, but this country is our memories, our details, and generations, and the country does not survive except with all, and we have not enough wars. We have not yet had enough. In 2010, Syria was one of the most important countries at all levels. ”

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