SK silence the art … “Pearl Jam” group postponed its tour in North America


Sharjah 24 – AFP:

The American rock band, “Pearl Jam”, announced on Monday that the first stage of its tour this spring in North America has been postponed due to fears related to the outbreak of the Corona virus.
The band’s singer Eddie Feder said in a statement, published on social media, that the participation of a large number of people is part of what the band is doing and the tour, which it has been preparing for months, is now at risk because of Corona and the priority for the safety and security of the fans.

“Therefore, we are extremely disappointed and disappointed that we are compelled to make this unfortunate announcement. The first stage of the tour, which was scheduled in North America between March and April, should be postponed.”

The band’s new album, “Gigaten”, will be released on March 27.


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