Simeone defense or Corona virus?



Elias Chidiac

Unfortunately, all European championships stopped due to the new epidemic of Corona, which occurred very quickly in the old continent, and football was among the most affected to stop competitions first and the injury of many players second.

But away from the current crisis, let us go back a week back to the game of Atletico Madrid and Liverpool in the second leg of the 16th European Champions League, where the Spanish team won 3-2 and the English club won the title after winning the home game in Madrid with a clean goal. .

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It was not too late for the Liverpool coach to severely criticize Atletico and his coach Diego Simeone with a fiery statement, saying literally: “I do not understand, given the capabilities of the team, this method that he is using. He can play better football but he prefers to defend and rely on counter-attacks. We certainly accept that but it is not Well tonight, I admit that I really complain a lot, especially when I watch my players perform this spectacular performance against prominent players on the other side who are defending two lines of four players each. “

And who originally understands the way Atlético plays? It is true that Klopp’s “nervous” statement came just minutes after his team lost the Champions League title, and at a time when he was going through a very difficult period during which he left the FA Cup and suffered the first loss in the league, but the German coach spoke a lot of logic.

In Spain, as in the Champions League competitions, Atletico Madrid becomes a “strange freak” team when it faces big teams, such as Liverpool, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and others.

Everyone knows that Simeone will remain defensive and dependent on apostates, a style that has always been adopted by Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho with the teams he coached, especially with Real Madrid when he was facing Barcelona, ​​where he intends to close all the outlets of his team against the fire attack led by Lionel Messi.

Simeone with Atletico adopts the same method but in a more “brutal” way, how? Violent interventions are the title of the Spanish team playing every time they encounter a “big” team, which affects the psyche and morale of the opponent’s players who study each step more than once, not to suffer an injury that may keep them away for long periods of play.

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The Argentine coach prefers to play with his “killer” defense rather than open his court and move from defense to midfield and attack, knowing that he has a good group of players capable of transferring the ball and posing a great risk to the opponent.

On this point in particular, Barcelona star and Andrés Iniesta talked about Atletico Koki, confirming that he is a player with excellent skill but turns in Atletico to defender like the rest of the team, indicating that the players in Atletico are just defensive tools that do not show their skills.

The only positive thing about the way Atlético played is that the team may guarantee a draw at least from a difficult match, but this did not work for him, for example, in the Spanish Super Cup final earlier this year, which played in Saudi Arabia between Real and Atlético and its first decision.

A quick look at Simeone’s ideas, we find that this coach who wastes his time demanding enthusiasm from his fans, running north and right and jumping for unknown reasons sometimes, does not have any logical technical solution that can be applied on the field to produce a positive result.

All that Simeone knows is defending, relying on rebounds, relying on his players ’individual skills without a system and pumping. We saw, for example, in the Liverpool meeting, how a player like Marcos Laurenti entered the second half, and he used two balls to score my winning goals for his team, yes, this is what he succeeded against Liverpool, but is that a way Capable of winning the Champions League title?

The way to defeat Simeone is easy, you need to take his players out of their area when you decide to return a little to the back, and then start with quick rebounds on the sides, or transfer the ball in the middle of the field on the way of Tiki Taka, and surpass the speed of Atletico players to score goals.

Simeone has the right to play the way he wants and which he has followed since the 2013/2014 season, but his “dirty” style makes Atletico match one of the worst games that you have to watch and that will only end in a bad way, either injury to more than one player or the loss of the team that faces Atletico .


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