Shukran Murtaja reveals the reason for her weight gain and the disease she suffers from


Syrian actress revealedShukran MurtajaShe took doses of a medicine containing cortisone, after suffering from nerve inflammation.
She said that she does not eat in large quantities, and she took the medicine for 7 months, and that she still has to follow the same treatment, for a period of not less than 7 months as well.
In a live broadcast interview with her followers, Murtaja, on her personal page on a social networking site, presented the medications she takes in front of followers, commenting: “My medication left me fatter and advised.”
In response to comments on her form, she added that saying that she is not beautiful does not bother her, and she knows that she is beautiful.
On the professional level, Murtaja indicated that the series may not be shown in the Ramadan season, knowing that she is participating in a series called “Chicago Street”.


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