Show about Algerians stuck in Turkey: We will not allow any infiltration


Source: Arabic.Net – Monia Ghanmi

The Algerian President confirmed Abdul Majeed Tabun, Tuesday, for refusing to take advantage of the issue of Algerian nationals stranded in Turkey, stressing not to allow any undesirable elements to infiltrate the country.

Taboun said, in a television interview with 3 local media outlets, that his country “will not allow the entry of Algerians stuck into Turkey before verifying their identities one by one,” expressing his surprise at the increase in the number of people stranded at Istanbul Airport from 250 to 1,850.

Taboun explained that the Algerian authorities evacuated their citizens from Turkey on March 20, with 3 aircraft belonging to Algerian Airlines and 3 aircraft belonging to Turkish Airlines, and they numbered 1,800 Algerians, wondering about the source of the announced number, which reached 1850 people, many of whom do not have passports Or old travel tickets.

And on Tuesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Algerian Abdel Majid Taboun agreed to evacuate the Turks stranded in Algeria and their Algerian counterparts stuck in Turkey, starting next Friday, against the backdrop of measures taken to combat the Corona virus.

But Algeria is wary of the possibility of Turkey exploiting the Corona crisis to send suspicious elements and infiltrated extremists to its territory, which the Foreign Ministry alluded to in a previous statement published last Friday, stressing that it is awaiting confirmation of the identity of many of those stranded before returning them to the country.

The Algerian Foreign Ministry indicated that the number of stranded people increases every day in a way that raises suspicion and questioning, especially since many of them do not possess neither travel tickets nor even official travel documents.


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