She transmitted the disease to her aunt and maid’s daughters. An artist cries after a daughter is injured


09:53 PM

Tuesday 24 March 2020

Books – Bahaa Hijazi:

Kuwaiti actress Ghadeer Al-Sabti entered a crying fit, revealing the details of her daughter’s infection with the Corona virus, pointing to a journey she discovered with her virus after her wrong medical diagnosis.

Ghadeer told in a video clip that she posted on her personal account on “Instagram” through the Asturi property, the full story of her daughter’s infection with the Corona virus, and she said: “The story started after my daughter’s return from London, and her feeling a severe headache in the front of the head, a loss of sense of smell and a desire to eat with feeling Fatigue, which made her go to the doctor for medical examinations, so the doctor diagnosed her with sinus disease. “

Ghadeer added: “After my daughter was found to be infected with the virus, I conducted tests on the whole family and found that my three nieces were infected with the virus. My nieces felt mild symptoms and none of them increased temperature,” adding that despite the negativity of the analysis of the rest of the family, it is scheduled to conduct the analysis Once again to fully check.

In the video, Al-Sabti attacked the procedures for detecting the Corona virus due to relying on temperature measurement only, because many cases may cause corona without the temperature increasing.

Ghadeer Al-Sabti also explained that the maid is also infected with the virus, and she will be accompanied to the institutional stone, pointing out that she misses her daughter, who is in quarantine, and was unable to embrace her before entering.

The Kuwaiti actress Ghadeer Al-Sabti announced that her daughter was infected with the new corona virus, by publishing a picture of her daughter through her account on the “Instagram” website, and commented on her: “I redeemed your heart, you are strong and I know that you will resist the virus and return to safety my right to love me, my whole world.”

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