She enslaved her father-in-law, fled when she was young, and loved Al-Atrash. Stories of S.


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Friday 06 March 2020

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Zainab Khalil Ibrahim Mahfouz is the real name of the artist Samia Gamal, who was born in Beni Suef Governorate, a Moroccan mother and an Egyptian father who works as a tailor.

The actress Samia Gamal lived a peaceful life that was disturbed only by the death of her mother and the marriage of her father to another woman who made her work as a maid in her home for 5 years, according to the story of Samia Gamal in an old dialogue with Tariq Habib, until Samia reached the age of 13, and decided to escape from the house, and she went to her sister who She works as a seamstress in Cairo, from where she set out to the world of fame.

Samia Jamal was born on March 5, and she passed away on December 1, 1994, and between the two dates she lived a life between fame, suffering, love, hate, disease, need, and mass.

We monitor some of her stories in this report:

Technical Start

Samia Jamal started the work of art after joining the band Badia Musabni as a dancer, and she chose her Badia her artistic name (Samia), and in the mid-1940s, Samia Jamal entered the world of cinema, captivated the hearts with her smile and quiet silence. Dozens of films, including: (Prince of Revenge, Neshala Hanem, second man, Sukar Hanim), and she married the great artist Rushdie Abaza, and she formed an artistic duo with him, then she retired from the art in the early seventies.

– Samia Jamal and Farid Al-Atrash

The journalist Mahmoud Saad said in the “End of the Day” program, that the actress Samia Jamal stated after the death of Farid al-Atrash that Farid loved her life, which was confirmed by Samia Jamal with the journalist Tariq Habib.

Mahmoud Saad added that Farid al-Atrash liked Samia Jamal very much and Samia gave him a copy of the Qur’an, noting that Farid al-Atrash kept the Mushaf in his pocket, and that Farid al-Atrash was pessimistic after the loss of the Qur’an, and he met Samia Jamal and told her: “I am pessimistic .. the Qur’an is lost. This year, “Farid al-Atrash died in the same year on December 26, 1974.

Abdullah King

Shepherd King, an American, was a party sponsor whom Samia Jamal met during her trip to France, to participate in the movie “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves”. Shepherd persuaded her of his love, but the difference of religions between them was a hindrance, so Shepherd decided to declare his Islam in the sheikhdom of Al-Azhar for her sake and called himself Abdullah King, and the 1951 marriage was held.

Samia Jamal lived with her American husband, Abdullah, and she started taking her to Texas in 1951 for the honeymoon, and in a month he managed to persuade her to work as a dancer on the American stage.

Samia Jamal performed many shows and dances on the stage of the American theaters, and she obtained many funds, for her husband to take over in the end, so that Samia returns from the country of the year Sam without a husband and without money.

Samia Jamal and Rushdi Abaza

Samia Gamal married artist Rushdie Abaza for 17 years, who she said about her on the “Cairo Cinema” program by Mervat Amin, that she had been ten years with Rushdie Abaza without work, because she sees that Rushdie Abaza is the star that should shine, and that she turned to help him, But Rushdi Abaza went to Lebanon and married her friend, the artist Sabah, in a strange marriage that came as a coincidence as described by his daughter Kassem in the program here, the capital, with Lamis Al-Hadidi.

Samia Jamal could not bear the shock, and she requested divorce from Rushdie Abaza, so he refused at first because of his love for her, but with Samia Jamal’s insistence, Rushdie Abaza agreed to divorce, so that the love story that lasted for more than 17 years ended, yet Samia Jamal continued to take care of the division of Rushdie Abaza’s daughter from His American wife.


Samia Jamal, after separating from Rushdie Abaza, lived a poor miserable life, until she was forced to work as a dancer after sixty years after the pilgrimage of Samir Sabry, and Samia accepted this work to restore her house, which was drowned in sewers, according to the well-known macker Mohamed Ashoub in his program is forbidden from the show.

On December 1, 1994, she died in the month in which the love of Farid al-Atrash passed away and twenty years later, after a coma that lasted 6 days after a struggle with cancer.

– Dividing the daughter of Rushdi Abaza with Lamis Al-Hadidi

– Samia with Mervat Amin in Cairo here


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