Sharjah Humanitarian Services exempts people of determination from the third semester fees – across the Emirates – Education


Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services decided to exempt the parents of students of determination from the fees for the third semester, under the guidance of Sheikha Jamila bint Muhammad Al Qasimi, Director General of the city, given the emergency conditions the world is witnessing due to the Corona virus, knowing that the city continues to provide its services within the program ” Distance Learning”.

Mona Abdul Karim Al-Yafie, the city’s director, spoke about the city’s successful experiences in the field of distance education using the smart education portal and electronic platforms, in addition to social media, which constitutes a solid basis for the program and its success.

The city’s specialists and administrators have been organized within training programs provided by the city through electronic platforms to continue to provide the best educational services to students according to the approved individual plans.

Al-Yafei emphasized that the distance education program includes all branches and departments to provide services according to the best international practices for students of various disabilities, as city specialists shoot video educational and training videos that are sent to families for application at home.

The city uses its media platforms and website to raise awareness, education and communicate with families through the phone numbers of all departments and branches to answer any inquiries by parents and auditors during official working hours, as well as with regard to the registration of new cases, which will be through the Internet as well.

The live broadcasting through the city’s social networking sites allows parents to communicate with specialists, ask inquiries and discuss developments, as the city keeps abreast of all safety procedures as its employees have been trained in approved prevention practices and all facilities have been sterilized according to international best practices.

Al-Yafei pointed out that the city adheres to the UAE’s directives regarding permanence, as currently (70%) of the city’s employees work remotely, including employees with determination, employees over sixty years old, those with chronic diseases and pregnant employees, confirming the city’s long-standing experience in the field of remote work Using the latest technology and in various fields.



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