Sharing criticism of Nadine Njeim for her videos on the “Tic” application


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Social media applications and video broadcast platforms have become a haven for many artists and celebrities around the world, after millions of people entered the so-called “home quarantine”, fearing the outbreak of the new Corona virus – the curse of the new world – that has killed thousands and infected hundreds of thousands around the world , And caused unprecedented exceptional actions from various countries and governments of the world, and away from all this many artists saw the application of “Tik Tok” as an outlet for them to publish their videos and entertain themselves and the audience that follows them, and among them was the Lebanese artist Nadine Njeim, Who posted several of her clips.

It seems that many of these videos were not promoted to social media pioneers, which exposed them to many criticisms, which prompted them to respond to those criticisms, citing some international stars such as Coyle Smith, Jessica Elba and Bella Hadid.

Nadine’s response came to a tweet that praised her and what she offered via “Tik Tok”, as she commented by saying: “Will Smith, Jessica Alba, Bella Hadid, and a lot of Hollywood actors have Tik Tok, and every day they download videos. Nadine Shaw did not work, especially when she succeeded, with something angled in the corners of anything, and without doubting, without the usual, I got used to.

Nadine has published a number of funny videos that she gathered with her close friend, who play a role play with the voices of Egyptian actors in a quirky way during the home stone. One of them appeared, Najim, slapping the girlfriend after the latter threw a cigarette after the ground.

And she appeared in the other video saying to her friend “Al-Bait De Taher” the famous sentence from the movie “Askar in the camp” after the latter sneezed, a video that sparked criticism about it, as some people saw it was not logical that Nadine mocked Corona virus emerging, this way.

Others defended her, pointing out that it is necessary to maintain a spirit of fun in order to renew energy and enhance the ability to face quarantine conditions and a constant feeling of anxiety, and it is reported that Nadine Njeim was working on photographing her series 2020 before filming stopped due to the precautionary measures imposed by the photography workshops to ensure the safety Those working in it from the infection of the new coronavirus, especially after the disease spread in Lebanon significantly, and it has not been determined until now to complete the filming and whether the series will be shown during Ramadan this year and whether it will be joined in the Ramadan season, which is only about a month remaining.

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