Scottish Hearts demands that its players cut their salaries in half


The Scottish Hearts Club has asked its players to accept a 50% reduction in their wages, due to the repercussions of the outbreak of the new Coruna virus epidemic. The club’s owner, Ann Badge, made the decision, fearing the football competitions would stop for several months, due to the outbreak of the “Covid-19” virus in the European continent after it was launched from the Chinese city of Wuhan. She said in a statement published by the club’s website: “To avoid the program of layoffs and the protection of the largest number of jobs, I propose to create a salary reduction program.”All club employees, including players, are required to “accept a 50% reduction in their monthly salary” starting in April, according to the club’s owner in Edinburgh, who is currently ranked last in the Scottish Football League. “Club members and players who are unable or willing to accept this reduction can offer an option to rescind their contracts,” she added.
And Budge had indicated at the weekend that her club would lose revenues worth one million pounds ($ 1.16 million) due to the postponed matches due to the Corona Virus, which are four remaining at home in the League plus the cup semi-final against Hibernian at Hampden Park. The club insisted that no one would receive a salary below the UK minimum for workers over the age of 25. “The Scottish Football Association has suspended the matches for the foreseeable future, and while there is no specific date for this comment, it is likely that the matches will not resume until early July / August at the earliest,” Badge said. The Hearts Club measures come on a day when Scottish Football Association President Rod Petrie announced an immediate £ 1.5m subsidy for clubs and academies.


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