Scientists explain the symptoms of loss of sense of smell and taste in people with the Corona virus


Observatory newspaper – Agencies: Researchers at the Harvard Medical School, a prestigious American university, explain why a person with corona virus loses their sense of smell when they start experiencing symptoms of the pneumonia caused by the virus.

Atypical symptoms

Specialists at the American Academy of Otolaryngology, like their colleagues from the British Society of Otolaryngologists, considered that partial loss of smell and taste in people with coronavirus was among the atypical symptoms of COVID-19.

They stressed that those with this virus gradually lose the sense of smells as well as taste the taste, in unusual and atypical symptoms of the disease caused by the corona of the newborn, and these strange phenomena need an in-depth study.

The World Health Organization announced that it is not yet able to confirm with full confidence that the emergence of these symptoms is a clear indication of the existence of the disease that results from infection with the Coronavirus.

Spreading the infection to the body

But she added, such symptoms occurred simultaneously in many people with coronavirus. For example, these symptoms appeared on American basketball player Rudi Jobar for sure when he was infected with the Corona virus.

Studies on the genomes of mice, monkeys and humans showed that certain cells in the nasal cavity mask proteins from the virus, and this constitutes the necessary condition for the virus to penetrate into the body and enter it, and then the lungs become infected. According to scientists, infection of these cells leads to the spread of COVID-19 and to the symptoms associated with loss of smell and taste taste.

Scientists also believe that infection of the virus with tissue cells in the nose can contribute to the spread of infection in the body.

The World Health Organization announced this March that an outbreak of the Corona virus, a new epidemic, is a global pandemic.


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