Saudi stocks continue their weekly losses … and the market value drops 107 billion riyals


Riyadh – Live: The general index of the Saudi stock market – Tasi ended this week’s trading in the red, to continue its weekly losses due to pressure from the spread of Corona virus.

The general index of the market fell 2.11 percent during the week, after losing 160.82 points.

And “Tassi” closed at the level of 7467.52 points at the end of trading week ending on March 5, compared with its close at the end of last week at 7628.34 points.

The index was affected by the losses of 15 sectors during the week; the most prominent of them were the leading sectors (banks, basic materials and energy).

The transport sector topped the losses by 5.3 percent, followed by commercial services by 4.9 percent.

For the sectors with the highest relative weight in the index, the banks issue the losses by 3.6 percent, followed by the basic materials by 2.37 percent, then the energy by about 1.1 percent.

In contrast, 6 sectors of the week ended in green, most notably real estate funds and food retail, with gains of 2.26 percent and 1.95 percent, respectively.

On the level of the market capitalization, it decreased by 1.27 percent compared to last week, with a decrease of 107.09 billion riyals (28.56 billion dollars).

The market value of the shares listed in the main Saudi market fell to 8.318 trillion riyals (2.218 trillion dollars) this week, compared to 8.425 trillion riyals (2.247 trillion dollars) last week.

The liquidity of Saudi stocks increased by 54.1 percent during the current week, to 21.84 billion riyals (5.83 billion dollars).

Likewise, the number of shares traded increased 51.4 percent to 873.73 million shares, compared to 577.1 million shares last week.


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