Saudi Health announces monitoring of 119 new cases of corona virus


The Ministry of Health announced 119 new cases of Corona virus were recorded, according to what media sources announced today, SundayThe representative of the Saudi Ministry of Health announced that the total number of cases infected with the emerging corona virus “Covid 19” reached 392 cases after 48 cases were recorded, pointing to the state providing all the special capabilities in order to control the spread of the Corona virus.

A representative of the Saudi Ministry of Health added during a press conference yesterday, Saturday, that 26 cases of recovering from HIV infection were recorded after 8 cases were cured.

The Ministry called on everyone to adhere to the guidelines and directives, including avoiding shaking hands, and washing hands, and avoiding gatherings, in order to preserve their safety and the safety of society..

She invited everyone who had questions or concerns about the virus, to communicate immediately with the “Health Call Center 937”, stressing that information be taken from its official sources, and not to be led by rumors, it is mentioned that the new Corona virus has reached more than 180 countries, amid global efforts And intense local to besiege and eliminate it


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