Saudi Arabia The bite of the crescent, the fall of victory, and the fate of Hamdallah


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On Sunday, Saudi newspapers highlighted the victory of a team Crescent moon His opponent fell to the forefront, victory in the trap of loss, and awaiting the fate of Moroccan Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah from technical director Roy Vitoria.

The headlines in Saudi newspapers witnessed great excitement, after Al-Hilal won with a single goal over its rival Al-Itifaq through its Peruvian player Andre Carillo, While a team fell Victory Three to two goals against Al-Faisaly in the 21st round of Omar Saudi League.

On the sidelines of the victory, there is a big crisis that hit the side of the club because of the Moroccan professional Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah, because of the deduction of part of his salary after he was absent from the training of the team, and the coach’s insistence on excluding him from the team’s list that faced Al-Faisaly, the fans attack on the duo and their assurance that they are the first cause of the loss.

The fate of the “rebel” is in Vitoria’s hands

The newspaper “Okaz” titled on its pages, saying, “The fate of the rebel is in the hands of Vitoria,” and listed the reasons that created the crisis between the player and his coach, as it confirmed that he was late in returning from America to Riyadh, and the penalty for managing the world for him is a deduction of 15% of his salary.The newspaper confirmed that Al-Nasr Vitoria coach determined the fate of player Hamdallah in the team’s match against Al-Raed next Wednesday in Riyadh, as part of the 22nd round of the Saudi League.

The Moroccan player, in a session with the club’s officials, demanded no opponent, but she refused to decide not to join the team’s mission, went to his house, turned off his phone, and deleted the follow-up of his club and the club president, Safwan Al-Swaiket, as a protest against that.

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Blue bites and victory falls

In Al-Riyadiah newspaper, the main news was Al-Hilal’s victory over Al-Itifaq, with a goal without a response, and a victory against Al-Faisaly by three goals to two.

The newspaper added that the 21st round of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup, the professional league, contributed to widening the difference between the leader and the world to more than 8 points before the end of the league with 9 rounds.

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And she added that Al Hilal took advantage of the victory of victory, while Annabi Sudair scored his first victory historically over the world since the launch of the Saudi Professional League in 2008.


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