Saudi Arabia: Suspending the attendance of workers in the private sector for 15 days … clarifying by 7 points


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the suspension of the attendance of workers in the private sector to the headquarters for a period of 15 days.

This came in a statement carried by the official Saudi News Agency, where the ministry said: “Out of the determined efforts made by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in facing the repercussions of the new Corona virus and preventing its spread, it has been decided to suspend attendance at work headquarters in all agencies in the private sector for a period of (15) One day, and activating remote working procedures except critical sectors, and sensitive infrastructure sectors like (electricity, water and communications) .. ”

In its statement, the Ministry enumerated 7 points for all establishments in the private sector to abide by them, as follows:

Firstly: Suspending employees from the main offices of the private sector for a period of “15” days.

SecondThe private sector establishments reduce the number of workers in its branches, offices and other facilities to the minimum necessary for the conduct of work and the availability of supply chains, so that the number of workers required to be present in the workplace does not exceed “40%” of the total number of workers at the facility’s headquarters, taking into account the following:

1- Adherence to the necessary precautionary measures set by the Ministry of Health regarding those attending workers for workplaces or workers ’housing, including the provision of private sector establishments – the number of workers in its headquarters or the housing of its workers exceeds (50) people – a sorting point in The entry is where the temperature is measured, the questions about symptoms and the epidemiological link are provided, provided that any of the aforementioned cases apply to those attending the workplace.

2- Ensuring that sufficient spaces are available between workers in the workplace and the workers’ housing, according to the preventive guide for Corona virus inside the workplaces issued by the Ministry of Health.

3- Obliging the private sector establishments to close health clubs and nurseries located in its headquarters.

4- Obligation to apply the disclosure mechanism from all workers who exhibit symptoms of high temperature, coughing or shortness of breath, or mixing with an injured or suspected of being infected. The private sector establishments shall provide a mechanism to ensure that the workers in them inform the competent administration of the establishment of those who show these symptoms or apply to one of them or who came from outside the Kingdom without following the precautionary procedures for quarantine specified by the Ministry of Health, provided that privacy and confidentiality are taken into account in that , With the commitment of the private sector establishments to inform the Ministry of Health of the cases they appear to be.

Third: All activities related to providing food, medicine, treatment, and the supply chain and logistical services related to them until they are made available to the final consumer, with regard to compliance with the proportion of those required to attend in the workplaces specified in item (second) above, are excluded from the application of what is stated in item (first). The supreme orders issued in this regard.

Fourthly: Applying the mechanisms of remote work and using electronic means and applications in practicing activities, providing goods and providing services as much as possible, taking into account the remote work guide issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

Fifthly: A compulsory leave of 14 days is not calculated from the leave balance for all employees who fall into the following cases: pregnant and lactating women, respiratory diseases, immunodeficiency diseases and users of immunosuppressive drugs, tumors, chronic diseases, and workers over fifty-five years of age.

Sixthly: For private sector enterprises that provide utility services to government agencies, they must coordinate with those agencies before suspending attendance at workplaces.

Seventh: For private sector establishments that are unable to comply with the proportion of those who require their presence in the workplace specified in Clause (Second) above, to submit their requests to the authority that supervises them.


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