Saudi Arabia “Solid”: Citizen First – Saudi News


Since the unification of the Kingdom at the hands of “Moazi”, and the Saudi government’s approach has been consistent, it does not budge that “the citizen first”. With every crisis that afflicts the region or the world, the citizen finds most of the government’s attention, to confirm the urgent measures that Saudi Arabia has taken to mitigate the effects of the effects of the Corona virus (the emerging). Caring for the citizen, and to be a living witness that is the priority in any government effort.Successive decisions and precautionary measures demonstrated to the citizen and resident of Saudi lands the strength and sophistication of the government’s decision in the Kingdom. These decisions reflected the high flexibility, financial planning and level of readiness to face any challenges.

The Saudi government not only worked on the current circumstance, it also went beyond that to allocate an emergency budget that covers any costs that may arise during the developments of the Corona virus crisis.

While global economic reports warn of a potential disaster due to the Corona pandemic that may affect jobs and others, Saudi Arabia, with its decisions and urgent measures, affirms its continuous support to the economy to mitigate the effects of these repercussions and its support for the citizen and the private sector in employment and training and even lending to families with low incomes, so that the citizen is first.


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