Saudi Arabia records 17 new infections with the Corona virus


Source: Riyadh – Arabic. Net

Today, Saturday, the Saudi Ministry of Health has registered 17 new cases Infected with the emerging “Corona” virusAlso, the Saudi embassy in Beirut reduced precautionary working hours, while the virus spreads in 138 countries, amid intense international and local efforts to besiege it.

The Saudi Ministry of Health said that the first of the 17 new cases was due to a Saudi citizen Coming from Iran, He is currently isolated in a health facility in Al-Ahsa.

The second case refers to a Saudi citizen who is now in quarantine, who was in contact with a previously announced case, who is isolated in a hospital in Qatif.

She added that the third and fourth cases of citizens from Qatif governorate, coming from Italy and Iran, are isolated in a health facility in Qatif.

The ministry stated that the fifth case of a female citizen is quarantined in Jeddah, which is also coming from Iran.

The ministry pointed out that there are 12 cases of coronavirus infection in Riyadh, including 3 cases of Saudi citizens who were in contact with previously announced cases, one case of an American resident who was in contact with a previously announced case, 3 cases of citizens coming from Britain, and 4 other cases of citizens coming from France, as well On the condition of a French resident coming from France via the Emirates.

The Ministry of Health stated that the total number of cases of corona in Saudi Arabia reached 103 cases, One case had recovered from her.

She confirmed that the rest of the cases are now in sanitary insulation. She pointed out that among those cases, one case was in a critical condition and improved today, and ventilators were removed from them, and health care is being provided to them according to the approved procedures.

The Ministry called upon everyone who was in countries where the emerging coronavirus is circulating, to immediately contact the Ministry of Health contact center on 937.

She also called for the necessity of communicating with her in the event of anyone’s desire to inquire about the virus, stressing that the information be taken from its official sources, and not to be drawn into the rumors.


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