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The unparalleled truth through which the Kingdom demonstrated the leadership of King Salman and his Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman and the loyal who are in the first row, by that I mean the men of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Interior … demonstrated that those codified qualitative leaps that caught the attention of the entire world .. but rather It is not (a stroke of luck) or random, but rather is the result of a wise, thoughtful and systematic policy .. I took into consideration the interest of the country and its citizens .. And that, had it not been for the pre-emptive steps taken by the Kingdom to stop Umrah, visit, study, and stop the movement of entry and exit .. we would face what the great countries currently face From the epidemic in Gaza Bear is one of the citizens, residents, and visitors .. And although Corona came, revealed, and even demonstrated that most developed countries that assume leadership and address the confrontation of all those who contradict them, Corona demonstrated the fragility of these countries and their weak capabilities, especially in infrastructure .. And faced severe real problems .. The weakness of medical capabilities revealed that it is through its policy through which to seek gain merely gain … It did not take into account nor at the heart of its policy that it will one day face a problem of this level .. from a weak little enemy that does not use a gun, machine gun, missile or aircraft, and that all Those arsenals upon which these countries spent millions of millions were not If you have the ability to stand in the face of the weakest creation of God .. I mean that Corona, which has wreaked corruption or death on earth .. And stood before him and with him these countries are powerless .. Daily intensity was through the data announced by these countries and the World Health Organization and the high rate of injuries and deaths in a way Amazing and frighteningly terrifying.Glory to God «O people, hit him like Fastmawa who claim that without God will not create Zpapa even though they met him despoil flies nothing Istnqdhuh than twice the student and required».

This virus has committed the world to their homes, and these great countries have resorted to pursuing those who break regimes … and glory be to God those countries that used to speak out by force and exercising individual muscles of the challenge could not imagine that such a day would have made them stand unable to confront To him .. And she is now paying millions to manufacture the convictions, gloves, and disinfectants that may prevent the spread of this virus through breathing and contact .. And the pain that causes a person to disavow those who found her an opportunity to trade them through this disease .. and refrained from diligence in facing it with treatment .. And how weak a person is before the greed of these politicians And among the drug dealers .. The flood of dairy reached the level of hope and is no longer a glimmer of hope that heralds a short period with which the evil of this epidemic that has swept the whole world ends .. and many major countries announced their inability to find a vaccine or a drug that limits the seriousness of this disease .. which unfortunately took Thousands of lives are claimed .. Until now, you have not found the policy of these countries to confront it.

The Corona virus revealed the absence of human participation by senior leaders, as well as the fragility of the human defense system in countries, where the defenses of states go to military buildings and weapons, while ignoring the most important threats to all people. And if not, that the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, told us things that would happen before the end of this world, I would have thought that the destruction of the earth with this virus .. And may God reward me and bless the agent.

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