Saudi Arabia is testing a device to sterilize the escalators in the Sacred Mosque in UV light


Saudi Arabia is testing a device to sterilize the escalators in the Sacred Mosque in UV light

Source: Qahtan Alaboush – Erm News

The General Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques Affairs in Saudi Arabia revealed today, Thursday, a pilot test on a modern device for sterilizing escalators in the Meccan sanctuary, which depends on ultraviolet radiation.

The presidency said in a statement on its website that the pilot project was launched yesterday, Wednesday, and a study is underway.

The presidency says: The project is an innovative device for sterilizing handrails (escalators) inside the escalators Sacred MosqueUsing UV LED, the device converts kinetic energy into electrical energy without the need for electrical connections.

According to the project’s organizers, the device works to sterilize throughout the ladder movement, eliminates the DNA molecules of the bacteria, and the wavelength of radiation is (278) nm, and that these radiation have no harmful effect on human health.

The presidential statement said: The results of the experiment of samples confirmed the reduction of the number of bacterial colonies from 160 colonies to 10 bacterial colonies, which means that the device is able to eliminate the spores created on the stairs by up to 94%.

The experimenting with the new device came in conjunction with the General Presidency applying strict hygiene and sterilization procedures in the Holy Places, in a precautionary and preventive measure from the new Corona virus that is sweeping the world and has reached the Kingdom recently, prompting Riyadh to temporarily suspend internal and external Umrah.

The stages of the new precautionary measures in the holy sentiments include a device that pumps spray to sterilize the surfaces and floors as well as carpets, sterilizers for hands distributed at the entrances to the doors and all voids and prayer rooms, follow-up and sterilize the carpets by increasing the sterilization line in the carpet wash, accelerate the change of the carpet wheel in the Sacred Mosque, and increase the number of major washing times To 6 major washes.


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