Saudi Arabia: Irresponsible Iranian behavior is increasing Corona’s spread across the world


In light of the data issued by the Ministry of Health from the registration of 5 cases of the new covid-19 virus for citizens who came from Iran through Bahrain and Kuwait, as it was revealed that they did not disclose to the competent authorities their travel to Iran upon their return to the Kingdom.A responsible source has denounced Iran’s irresponsible behavior for introducing Saudi citizens to its territory, without putting a stamp on their passports, at a time when infection with the new covid-19 virus is spreading, which holds it directly responsible for causing the spread of the infection and spreading it across the world, and posing a health risk It threatens the safety of mankind, is seen as undermining international efforts to combat the new Corona virus and poses a threat to the whole world.

The responsible source urged all Saudi citizens who visited Iran and returned during the past weeks, to disclose it immediately, and to communicate with the Ministry of Health through the toll-free number (937) allocated to the ministry’s communications, to guide them to the measures to be taken. The source also urged citizens who are currently visiting Iran to disclose On that, upon their arrival in the Kingdom.

The source assured that these citizens will be excluded from applying the provisions of the travel documents system and its executive regulations in the event that they initiate this within a maximum period of 48 hours from the time of issuing this statement.

The source indicated that the state is keen to take care of the safety of its citizens, who visited Iran, by giving them this opportunity and not to take any measures provided for by the regime against them, and the state is also keen on the safety of the families and those who have been in the affected areas, where these measures aim to help their safety and safety everybody.

The source stressed the citizens not to travel to Iran permanently, stressing that strict legal measures will be taken against any citizen who commits this act anymore.

The source called on Iran to disclose the identities of the Saudi citizens who visited it in a violation since the first of last February, holding the Iranian authorities full responsibility for each of them, the disease has passed to him during his presence on the Iranian lands without informing the authorities of his country, and the source also stressed that the Iranian regime continues to keep it secret The identity of the Saudi citizens visiting Iran secretly, and allowing them to do so illegally threatens public health not only in the Kingdom but in the whole world.


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