Saudi Arabia .. Imam of a mosque was stabbed while performing Friday prayers


A person in Baysh Province, in the Jazan region, in southwestern Saudi Arabia, today, Friday, stabbed an imam and preacher of the mosque while performing Friday prayers.

The Saudi newspaper “Sabq” said today, Friday, that the imam and preacher of the mosque “Tanaten” at the Al-Haqo Center, which is affiliated with Beesh, was subjected to treacherous stabbing and was subsequently transferred to Beech General Hospital.

The villagers said that “the perpetrator is a psychopath, a resident of the village, and he stabbed the imam during the second rak’ah, which led to his injury and first aid.”

Medical sources stated that the imam’s condition is stable, while the security services opened an investigation to uncover all of its circumstances without revealing the identity of the appellant nor the imam of the mosque.



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