Saudi Arabia: Disclosure of details about the kidnapped Riyadh girl, 20 years ago – Ernews


A Saudi female journalist closely following the issue of child abduction, whose details began to unfold in the past two months, revealed that DNA testing will resolve a young woman’s return to her real family in the city of Riyadh, nearly twenty years after her abduction.

Sahar Abu Shaheen, a journalist in the local newspaper, “Makkah”, recounted new details about the issue of child abduction, which has so far proven the existence of three abductees, who returned to their families a few weeks ago after two decades after living with the custody of their arrested kidnapping called Maryam, or “Dammam’s kidnapper” as it became Known.

Abu Shaheen said that a number of brothers drew their attention to the details of the “Dammam kidnapping” issue in the last period, and informed the competent authorities about the possibility of a person working for them in 2018 as a guard in their farm in Al-Zulfi Governorate in Riyadh, and a woman residing near the farm, with the kidnapping of a child.

The brothers had discovered about two years ago about the existence of a child they did not know, born in the year 1426 AH, adding to the civil registry in the name of their father in the “Absher” account of the Saudi Ministry of Interior, and they submitted a communication to the Ministry, which began researching and investigating the matter secretly.

The young journalist says, “The information received from several sources indicated that the girl was indeed kidnapped, and that she was kidnapped from Riyadh when she was 3 years old and she is white in color, and her location has been reached .. and there is a communication by a family of the kidnapping of their daughter that applies the same specifications.”

Abu Shaheen added that the result of the girl’s DNA examination and its conformity to the examination of the family that reported the kidnapping of her daughter, in addition to the relationship of the new woman and the farm guard with the kidnapper of Dammam, will be revealed in the coming days.

The story of the journalist Abu Shaheen agrees, with many details about the same incident, which was narrated on Sunday by a journalist closely following the issue of child abduction, in which he referred to the existence of a kidnapped girl 16 years ago and she was about four years old at the time.

The journalist, named “Abu Talal Al Hamrani,” previously mentioned unknown details about the issue of child abduction that occupied the Saudis with its strange details, and said that Maryam, who was arrested on the charge of kidnapping, is not the only one, and that there is another kidnapper called Sultana known as “Umm Fahd”.

Al-Hamrani said that Sultana, about 16 years ago, kidnapped a four-year-old girl to give her to a family that asked her to secure a child for her and paid for this in advance to Sultana, but the father refused to receive the child because she was old and it could be revealed.

Al-Hamrani added that Sultana was forced to raise the girl for fear of being exposed if she returned to her family, and she remained in her custody until she became 15 years old, when she gave her then to the main kidnapper in the case, Maryam, explaining that Mary gave the girl a few years after she stayed with a well-known merchant whom the girl liked .

According to Al Hamrani’s account, the merchant was paying Mary a monthly salary for the girl’s stay with him, but he also added that the merchant helped the girl escape, and she disappeared years ago, and her last appearance was in Jeddah and then Riyadh, but she is still communicating with her first kidnapper, Sultana.

The issue of child abduction surfaced about two months ago with a brief statement to the Eastern Province Police about the arrest of a Saudi woman in her fifties accused of kidnapping infants more than two decades ago, before investigations and medical analyzes so far prove that there are three young men in her custody who had kidnapped them from government hospitals after their birth Directly in separate incidents.

The three young men, Musa Al-Khunaizi, Nayef Qaradi and Muhammad Al-Ammari, have already returned to their families, but the case has expanded with the emergence of more families looking for their kidnapped children in separate incidents, dates and places, according to investigations with Mary, leading them to their children after its expansion and the emergence of partners to Mary.


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