Saudi Arabia confirms its ability to deal with the Corona pandemic and limit its effects


          The Cabinet reviewed "by default" measures to prevent the spread of the virus            </p><div>

          <p>The Saudi Cabinet affirmed today (Tuesday) the Kingdom’s ability to deal with the emerging coronavirus pandemic, its repercussions and limit its effects on society and the national economy, with its efforts and the availability of human, financial and health capabilities.

The Cabinet reviewed – via the virtual network – the orders and directives issued to limit the spread of “Covid-19”, and the decisions taken by the state agencies in various sectors of precautionary measures and measures to implement them, and the effective efforts made, based on the leadership’s keenness to protect the health and safety of citizens at home And abroad and residents of its territory.

The Council appreciated what the State has taken in providing additional financial resources and necessary support to ensure the continuity of work in the government sector, to provide all services to citizens and residents, and to ensure private sector support and stimulate economic activities, to maintain its goals in financial sustainability and the integrity of the financial and economic sector, praising what has been taken It is one measure to ensure an abundance of food and drug supplies.

He also noted the issuance of the royal decree, which stipulated the provision of health care to all citizens, residents and violators of the residency system in all public and private health facilities in everything related to the treatment of the Corona virus.

To that, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Prime Minister, thanked him and his appreciation to all state agencies and the private sector and those working in it, and to all medical teams, security men and support bodies, and volunteers for the sacrifices they made and their efforts and dedication, and his appreciation to citizens and residents for their response and commitment to the instructions issued And guidance, may God ask that these efforts contribute to lifting the epidemic and revealing the scourge, for our country and for all humanity.

The Council reviewed a set of reports on the developments of the pandemic at the local and international levels, and the latest results, statistics and efforts made towards it, noting the contents of the word of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques addressed to citizens and residents, and its appreciation for the honorable confrontation of all in full cooperation with the relevant agencies during this difficult stage, which The pillars of success are to preserve human health, and the State’s continued efforts to take all precautionary measures and preventive measures to confront the pandemic, and its keenness to provide the necessary medicine, food and living needs.

He also appreciated the confirmation of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in his speech during his presidency of the work of the extraordinary virtual summit of leaders of the Group of Twenty countries that was convened at the invitation of Saudi Arabia to discuss ways to move forward in coordinating global efforts to combat the Corona pandemic; that this humanitarian crisis requires a global response, and what the world relies on for greater leaders The economies of the world, from joining forces and working together to confront them on the health, economic and commercial levels, and what the Kingdom has initiated in working with brotherly and friendly countries and specialized organizations to take all necessary measures to contain the pandemic and ensure the safety of individuals, appreciating what has been taken These countries are effective measures in this regard, and the Kingdom’s full support to the World Health Organization in coordinating efforts to combat this pandemic.

The Cabinet discussed the contents of the final statement of the G20 leaders ’extraordinary summit’s commitment to do everything possible to overcome this pandemic, which requires unifying efforts and starting and developing them in ways of cooperation between member states with the rest of the world to serve and protect the human being, and work to limit Among the repercussions of this crisis, and ways to support various aspects of health, social and economic, and inviting the G20 countries to contribute to the support of developing countries.

The Council reaffirmed Saudi condemnation and denunciation of the Houthi terrorist militia launching two ballistic missiles towards civilian objects and civilians in the Kingdom, while expressing the real threat to this terrorist militia and the Iranian regime supporting it, in a brutal attack at a time when the whole world is united and solidarity to fight the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

The Cabinet reviewed the topics on its agenda, including topics that the Shura Council participated in studying, as well as what was reached by both the Council of Experts in the Council of Ministers and the General Committee of the Council of Ministers in this regard.

The Cabinet decided to delegate the Minister of Energy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Nuclear and Radiological Supervision Authority – or his representative – to negotiate with the Spanish side regarding a draft memorandum of understanding to exchange information in the field of nuclear safety and radiation protection, and to authorize the Minister of Interior – or his representative – to negotiate with the International Police Organization Criminal (Interpol) in the matter of establishing a regional office for Interpol for the Middle East and North Africa on Saudi soil.

The Council approved an agreement between the Government of Saudi Arabia and the General Secretariat of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf regarding the headquarters of the unified military leadership of the GCC countries, and the Minister of Commerce authorized the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Competitiveness Center – or his representative – to sign a draft memorandum of cooperation between the Kingdom represented in the Center and the United Nations Represented in the Office of Legal Affairs, regarding financial contribution to the UNCITRAL Trust Fund.

The Council of Ministers decided to approve the memorandum of cooperation between the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency and the Dubai Financial Services Authority in the UAE in the field of financial services, and authorize the Minister of Finance and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority of Customs – or his representative – to sign a draft agreement between the government of the Kingdom and its Azerbaijani counterpart on cooperation and assistance Mutual in customs matters. Likewise, the mandate of the Public Prosecutor – or his representative – to negotiate with the Moroccan side regarding a draft memorandum in the field of investigation and prosecution. He also agreed to amend the organization of the Prince Sultan Center for Defense Studies and Research, in addition to forming a supreme committee in the name of the (Higher Committee for Energy Mix Affairs for Electricity Production and Enabling the Renewable Energy Sector) headed by the Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs, to take action on all matters related to Determining the optimal energy mix for electricity production, supervision and enabling the renewable energy sector, from production and manufacturing, and to be a reference for all related issues.

The Council of Ministers decided that the Ministry of Tourism should control the violations related to its competencies related to tourist accommodation facilities, which include the penalty for closing the facility, and imposing fines and penalties related to those violations, in addition to appointing Dr. Dima Al-Athel, as a representative of the private sector institutions, and Dima Al Sheikh as a representative of civil society institutions , Two members of the National Legalization Committee for Information Technology.

The Cabinet decided on a number of arrangements, including: The assets, sectors and services to be allocated in the Saudi financial market are listed by offering a public offering, directly or indirectly, according to the rules and regulations issued by the Board of Directors of the National Center for Privatization. The public offering of indirect allocation projects in the Saudi financial market shall be through a company (or companies) established by the National Allocation Center for this purpose, which will be the owner of the state’s share in the allocation projects to be offered in the Saudi financial market.

The Cabinet approved promotions for the fifteenth and fourteenth ranks, as well as a number of general topics on its agenda, including annual reports of the General Authority for Surveying, the Saudi News Agency, the National Center for Strategic Development Studies, the General Authority of Endowments, and the General Corporation for Railways. Of a previous fiscal year, and the Council took note of its contents and directed about it with what it saw.

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