Saudi Arabia closes malls, restaurants and cafes due to Corona – Politics – News


Today, Saudi Arabia ordered the closure of malls, restaurants, cafes, parks and gardens in an attempt to limit the spread of the Corona virus, but it excluded from the closure supermarkets, pharmacies and home delivery services.

Several regions of Saudi Arabia announced the decision on Twitter, and Al Arabiya TV said that the decision is valid throughout the kingdom, which says it has monitored 103 cases of HIV infection without death.

The Riyadh region said today, Sunday, in a series of tweets on its official website on Twitter, that it has ordered the closure of shopping malls and all activities, including restaurants except supermarkets and pharmacies.

She added in a tweet, “In the context of preventive measures to limit the spread of the Corona virus, the commercial complexes and all activities inside them, including restaurants and children’s play areas, will be closed except for supermarkets and pharmacies.”

Home delivery services are also excluded from the decision.

She emphasized the prohibition of eating and drinking inside restaurants and cafes in the Riyadh region, whether open or closed, and limiting the provision of the service to requesting cars and delivery only.

Precautionary measures to limit the spread of the Corona virus also included the prevention of gatherings in open and closed public places, including parks, wild activities and the like.

This came after the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs issued to all the municipalities and municipalities in the various regions and governorates of the Kingdom, earlier Sunday, a decision to temporarily close all places designated for games and recreational activities in the malls and outside.

For its part, the Saudi Ministry of Health urged, on Sunday, all citizens and residents in the Kingdom to stop gatherings of all kinds, in order to ensure their safety from infection with the Corona virus.




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