Saudi Arabia calls the Islamic world to wait before making any plans for the Hajj this year – one world – the Arabs


Saudi Minister of Hajj Muhammad Saleh bin Taher said today, Tuesday, that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is ready to receive and serve pilgrims at any time, but the priority is now to preserve their safety.

Bin Taher called on the Muslim countries to wait before making any pilgrimage plans this year until the vision about Corona is clear

The Saudi Minister of Hajj indicated that the Kingdom provided care to 1,200 pilgrims who could not return to their countries due to the Corona virus. He confirmed returning the sums to those who obtained Umrah visas but did not perform Umrah.

Today, Tuesday, the Saudi Ministry of Health announced the registration of 110 new cases of the emerging coronavirus, bringing the total number of infections in the Kingdom to 1563.
The ministry’s spokesperson, Mohamed Al-Abd Al-Aali, explained that most of the injured are in a comfortable and stable condition with the exception of 31 in critical condition, pointing out that 33 injuries were recorded in Riyadh, 29 in Jeddah and 20 in Mecca.



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