Saudi Arabia announces the recovery of the 3 infected case of corona virus .. and confirms: no deaths


The Saudi Ministry of Health called for stopping the gatherings in order to ensure the safety of all, revealing the recovery of a third case of corona, and said that there are 100 cases of corona being treated in hospitals., This came in a press conference held by the ministry on Sunday.

The Ministry of Health confirmed that there were no recorded deaths of people infected with the virus, noting that 18 people had contracted Corona as a result of contact.

And Dr. Abdul Latif bin Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh, Minister of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance in Saudi Arabia, confirmed that no cases of the new Corona virus “Covid 19” were recorded in any of the Kingdom’s mosques..

Al-Sheikh said: “We are now closely monitoring the situation, and if we find that it is in the public interest to temporarily stop praying in congregation in mosques, we will take it while we are satisfied, especially since scholars believe that the person with an infectious disease must not go to the mosques, whether for homework or Friday prayers.” .

Al-Sheikh added: “Likewise, one who is afraid for himself to pray in his home, and praise be to God, there is a lot of room. Which will have an effective impact in reducing these injuries.


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