Saudi Arabia announces the extension of the suspension of attendance at workplaces in government and private agencies


The Saudi Ministry of Interior has announced the extension of the suspension of attendance at workplaces in all government agencies and the private sector until further notice.

On Saturday, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recorded a noticeable rise in the incidence of the emerging coronavirus, after a decrease in the number of infections was observed over the past days.

Saudi Arabia recorded a noticeable decline in infection rates for the emerging corona virus, especially in the last four days of last week, where given the statistics issued daily by the Saudi Ministry of Health, it reflected a positive indication of infection rates, where it recorded a noticeable decline from last Tuesday to Friday then She returned to rise today, Saturday, recording 99 new cases, after falling to 92 cases on Friday.

The injuries were as follows:

Tuesday: 205 cases

Wednesday: 133 cases

Thursday: the number of cases 122

Friday: 92 cases

Saturday: 99 cases and one death.

Today, Saturday, the Saudi Ministry of Health announced the registration of (99) new cases of the new Corona virus (Covid 19), the death of a citizen in Riyadh, and the registration of two cases of recovery, bringing the total of recovering cases to (37) cases.

It was announced Saudi Health Cases of registered infection according to the cities of the Kingdom:

Riyadh 41 case –

Grandmother 18 cases

Mecca 12 cases

Qatif 12 cases

Medina 6 cases

Tabuk 3 cases

Khamis Mushait 3 cases

One case in each of: (Abha, Al-Hofuf, Al-Khobar, Saihat).

The Saudi Ministry of Health announced yesterday, Friday, that 92 new infections had been registered with the new Corona virus, 10 of which were for people who came from outside the Kingdom.

These cases were distributed among several Saudi cities as follows: Riyadh 46 cases, Medina 19 cases, Qatif 10 cases, Jeddah 7 cases, Dammam 4 cases, and two cases in Buraidah and Dhahran, and one in both Hofuf and Khobar.

This brings the total number of injuries recorded in Saudi Arabia to 1,104, most of them in good condition, while 6 of them receive intensive care in intensive care.

Saudi Arabia has not recorded any new deaths from the Coronavirus, while two cases of cure have been registered, bringing the number of people recovering from Corona in the Kingdom to 35.

He stated that more than 45 thousand accurate genetic laboratory tests of the virus, which is the highest existing technology for Corona, were conducted in the Kingdom.

She was spared The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia made an effort to undermine and prevent the spread of the virus, as it adopted a package of strict precautionary measures accompanied by sanctions that it did not adhere to in order to ensure the safety of all citizens and residents,

Where two days ago, the Saudi authorities issued a number of new decisions in order to double prevention measures, based on the keenness of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, on the health and safety of citizens and residents, as presented by the relevant authorities of the need for more precautionary and preventive measures .

King Salman issued a number of new precautionary measures, among which it is forbidden for residents of the thirteen regions of the Kingdom to leave or move to another region, which means activating the internal ban decision between the regions together, as well as entry, exit and movement between the cities of Riyadh, Makkah and Madinah, according to the borders that are prohibited. It puts it in place with strong emphasis and breach of decisions.

While the Emirate of Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah Region affirmed the application of additional health precautionary measures in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah to combat the Corona virus, and take more preventive and precautionary measures to preserve the health and safety of citizens and residents.

She said that “based on the health recommendations submitted by the concerned authorities, it was decided to extend the prohibition period across neighborhoods (Al-Sherbat, Bani Dhafar, Qurban, Jumuah, part of the housing and the building of numbness), and prevent entry or exit from them throughout the day (24 hours), starting From 6:00 am tomorrow, Saturday 4 Shaaban 1441 AH for two weeks.

It indicated that the residents of the aforementioned neighborhoods can exit to urgent needs such as (health care – and supplies) within the scope of the exclusion zone during the period (6:00 – 15:00). It is also advised to adhere to the home quarantine, and to contact the 937 Health Phone if any symptoms appear.

And she continued: “The prohibition of movement within the range referred to in the first paragraph does not include the groups excluded from the curfew decision, bearing in mind that this should be in the minimal limits, and in accordance with the procedures and controls set by the concerned authority.”

Among the precautionary measures also issued by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, is to submit the time of the entry into force of the curfew decision until three in the afternoon in the following cities: Riyadh, Makkah, Medina.

The concerned authorities have also directed the necessity of taking the proposals of the Ministry of Health regarding increasing the hours of curfews or curfews throughout the day in those cities or other cities, governorates and regions, with the exception of the previously excluded groups from curfews, bearing in mind that the exception is in the narrowest scope and in accordance with procedures and controls Established by the concerned authority, with the need to implement and control quarantine of citizens in homes and prevent exit permanently.


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