Saudi Arabia announces the discovery of the first case of “Corona” virus in Mecca


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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced today, Tuesday, the discovery of the first case of “Corona” virus in Mecca.

A spokesman for the Saudi Ministry of Health, Mohamed Khaled Al-Abd Al-Aali, told a press conference that one of the new cases of Corona virus had been registered in Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

He added that “five additional new cases have been announced, so the total number of confirmed cases with” Corona “virus will be 20 cases, stressing that” infected cases receive treatment in the Riyadh, Makkah and Eastern regions. ”

The Saudi health spokesman added that 800 cases of contact with those infected with the Corona virus have been counted, explaining that “the average age of people living with Coronavirus in the Kingdom is 47 years, including 10 males and 10 females.”

The Saudi Cabinet reviewed, earlier today, the preventive efforts made, and precautionary measures to combat the new “Corona” virus, and to ensure the protection of the health of citizens and residents. In a statement, he expressed his satisfaction with the positive results of these efforts, including the health inspection of more than half a million travelers through the ports of entry into Saudi Arabia, the application of home isolation to 2032 people, and the quarantine of 468, in addition to conducting advanced laboratory tests on suspected cases, It showed 20 positive samples, which are currently under medical care in hospitals designated and equipped to deal with this type of disease, praising the efforts of all concerned to maintain public health.


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