Saudi Arabia and Egypt recorded an increase in the number of people with corona – Site News – Follow-up


The number of people infected with the new “Corona” virus in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia increased to five, and in Egypt to three.

The Saudi Ministry of Health announced the registration of three new cases of the Coronavirus, bringing the number of infected people in the Kingdom to five, all of whom came from Iran.

The ministry explained that the third case of corona with a wounded person who came from Iran via Bahrain.

The ministry also added that one of the new infected persons with corona came from Iran via Kuwait, noting that he had transmitted the infection to his wife.

In Egypt, the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population announced today the registration of the third confirmed case of the new mutated Corona virus.

The ministry stated, in a statement, that the injured Egyptian is returning from abroad.

“The case discovered by a 44-year-old Egyptian citizen who is returning from Serbia via France (transit) for 12 hours and immediately after returning to Egypt did not show any symptoms, and after a few days, he began to appear Simple symptoms, so he went to the hospital where he was done laboratory tests, which came positive today … and he is now being transferred to the isolation hospital designated to receive the necessary medical care.

Egypt had recorded two cases of two foreigners, one of whom recovered and was discharged from hospital.




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