Saudi Arabia: Al-Haditha outlet intensifies control to confront Corona


Source: Arabic.Net – Abdulaziz Al-Mushaiti

The Health Affairs Directorate in Al-Qurayyat Governorate, north of Saudi Arabia, confirmed that it had put all proactive plans and work 24 hours a day at the health monitoring center of the Haditha’s outlet, which is the land border crossing with Jordan, as well as coordinated between all relevant sectors to prevent the new Corona virus threat, with great interest and follow-up Continued by the Prince of Al-Jouf Region, Prince Faisal bin Nawwaf bin Abdulaziz.

Nayef Al-Fandi, spokesman for Qurayyat Health, told that “Qurayyat Health has completed its precautionary preparations by following up the Minister of Health, Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, at the Health Control Center at Al-Haditha Al-Bari outlet, which is the largest land outlet in the Middle East, and Al-Watan Gate from the North, to counter a virus. New Corona. ”

To that he added: “Qurayyat Health works in the port 24 hours a day, in coordination with the competent departments of the Ministry of Health to implement the precautionary measures recommended by the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control.”

The Central Committee for the Leadership and Control of Qurayyat Health also recommended assigning 24-hour medical teams in the Health Control Center in Hadithah outlet to debate travelers from China and implement precautionary measures for them, and assigning supervisory teams to the alternate teams for support and support, and assigning the “emergency, infection control” alternate teams.


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