Sarah Nakhla prefers to withdraw and says: Our Lord is great – in image


Syrian actress publishedSarah NakhleA new image of her sent a message that withdrawal from a person’s life is his best revenge if he is not worthy of love.
Sarah commented on the photo, saying: “The best revenge in the world is withdrawal, with anyone who is not worthy of love and trust. Move away and deprive him of the laugh that he was laughing with you, from the shoulder that was supporting him at the time of his weakness, he will mimic the memories and she is a guarantor who knows your value even if he does not jash He admits that he misses you, but he is between him and himself, knowing that he lost you. “
And she continued: “Every day he tries to find a unity that resembles you, but his age does not know that he will compensate you, because the true love in life is once, and your patience for him was a thousand times, but there is no need to last, until his mother to his successor is not his day off, I walk, one day you meet that you have sacrificed a lot and have performed opportunities A lot, but you can’t walk. “
And she concluded: “Our Lord is great, greater than you can imagine, and it will be replaced by a large one, which will make you better every day. You say that I am what I was forcing me to take care of the many needs, and stop before you say it. We were thinking that what was going well, but it came out that he had gone, all those who went back after what the days took place There is nothing wrong with them, but when they came back, they met us again, so much stronger than they broke it. ”


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