Sama Gad .. The first Saudi “Top Chef” – Saudi News


From the depth of the Kingdom, imbued with its rich and varied culture, armed with the love of its homeland and its people, believing in the ability of Saudi women to reach what they aspire to, Sama Gad launched, and she fought the challenge of making dishes that enabled her to combine two features that did not happen before, even though she is the first Saudi person He wins the largest award in the Arab world in cooking, as she is also the first woman to win the title.

Sama Jad .. “Top Chef” the Arab world in the fourth season, Saudi Arabia, the struggle that did not “hand over its knives and walk”, won the trust of the jury, and gained competence in merit, it was not prevented by the rigor of “Maroun” or the severity of “Mouna” and the reports of “Bobby” From achieving what she aspires to, how is it that she who announced since the start of the season that she believes in herself, and is sure that she can reach and achieve what she wants, stressing that women must believe in themselves in the “culinary world”, so that winning the title represents a new life and practical stage “begins Dahin ».

She said at the beginning of her way on the program: “Top Chef is an opportunity that I have proven myself, and an opportunity to prove to my grandfather and my firstborn that your mother is strong.” She went on: “More than anything that helped me to have faith and ability in myself, my husband and my children.” “She says” You are an artist, “which she embodied in reality from the start of the” Race of Dishes “until the end of the last episode today (Wednesday), as she made her success with the ingredients that started with her in the first journey, as she drew the way of her award with a” sweet “dish that adorns With “coffee” and “chestnuts”, he forced the jury to stand up and “clap” in celebration of the title.

She said about her passion for cooking: “I always love teaching people this profession to love it, because eating brings all people together”, and it is certain that it is now on its way to give the world a beautiful image of the Saudis, and forcing people to think “outside the dishes” and stand as a tribute to their ambitions that Will not stop.


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