Sama Al-Masry: “On the day of the residency, what is near?”


Sama Al Massri

Sama Al-Masry expressed surprise at the panic that accompanies the outbreak of the recent coronavirus, which reached the point of claiming that this is a sign of the Day of Resurrection.

Sama Al-Masry published a video clip of Sheikh Ramadan Abdel-Moez and commented a writer: “Oh my friends, they cited God, what… what day of the Resurrection?” There is no understatement or intimidation … We do not want anything for the day of resurrection. We will all go to Hell because if we go to heaven we will not find anyone we know there. ”

And she continued: “Rest assured the country is fine, and our Lord is our debt, at a time when we repent and seek forgiveness, and all of it is pawn. ”


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