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When the history man talks, everyone will listen. When the sage speaks, the horizons will open and the minds will expand. And when the expert politician speaks, everyone will definitely take it seriously.And when King Salman bin Abdulaziz speaks, the whole world stops to listen, understand and must understand. The king who gathered history, wisdom, politics, determination, firmness … and reassurance.

King Salman’s speech, which he addressed to the Saudi people and residents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia without discrimination in a “difficult stage in the history of the world,” makes the world’s greatest leaders hear him and hopes that she has a part of the wisdom (King of Saudi Arabia) that embraces everyone.

From a communication perspective, I can say that this is the best speech that was given by world leaders during this crisis. The resident was reassured before the citizen, the optimist before the pessimist, the small before the elder, and the responsible before the warranted and healthy before the patient. It was a reason – after God Almighty – that the tranquility descended upon all who inhabited this blessed good land.

May God bless him, he began with a straightforward and unbearable word: “I assure you of our keen desire to provide what is necessary for the citizen and the resident.” In communication, such a start is capable of spreading reassurance and confidence in the souls that the highest authority in (good land) is keen to stabilize the situation and prevent a food, health or living crisis.

This is a message for the whole world, and we do not live in (good land), in light of other horrific and threatening speeches and speeches in the West, and the far West escapes responsibility and spreads fear.

Then it was necessary to set the record straight and acknowledge that what is happening constitutes (a difficult stage in the history of the world), but the Muslim believes and trusts in the removal of dangers, so the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques reminded everyone of the words of God Almighty, “With hardship is easy. . It is another direct message to exercise restraint, understand the seriousness of this stage and follow the orders and laws issued by the state in order for this hardship to end. Therefore, may God bless him, stressed that “the Kingdom continues to take all precautionary measures to confront this pandemic and limit its effects, with the help of God Almighty, and then with its capabilities, at the forefront of your strong determination in facing adversity with the steadfastness of believers working with causes.” These are the words of a leader, not comprehensive construction words said by an official. Three direct messages reinforce the concept of interdependence between the state and the citizen. The first is that the state is “continuous” and will not tolerate taking the necessary measures to limit the effects of this pandemic disease. The second message is to enhance confidence in the Kingdom’s residents – citizens and residents – to evoke determination and steadfastness. The third and the most important; taking the reasons, which are those precautionary reasons that an individual must take to limit the spread of this disease.

Then he sent – may God protect him – messages with human connotations, touching feelings, and sending pride to all concerned, namely:

Collaborators or (the honorable façade) / They are those who disclosed their travel destinations, whether for prohibited countries or countries where the epidemic has spread, as well as those who committed themselves to stone.

Workers / They are the government agencies that make every effort to take the necessary measures, especially the Ministry of Health. This is a certificate of thanks to all employees of the Ministry of Health who are making double efforts to implement the measures (to preserve the health of citizens and residents).

Finally, our resolute leader concluded his speech by stressing the difficulty of this stage, which may be more difficult, asking everyone to show solidity and strength of determination and most importantly “a sense of responsibility”, and this constitutes the cornerstone of this sound discourse. We are all overcoming – citizens and residents – this pandemic, to which many countries have succumbed, including countries whose citizens have wished a leader who emulated peace!

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