Sales of Nintendo Switch have just surpassed the total sales of Nintendo Wii in Japan


When the Nintendo Wii U stumbles hard, many are concerned that Nintendo is on the verge of bankruptcy. However, when the Nintendo Switch was launched, the company painted a completely different story as the device began to gain a lot of popularity and positive reviews from players around the world. This has also led to speculation that the Nintendo Switch will outpace Nintendo Wii’s overall sales.

It turns out that the Nintendo Switch might be on its way to actually do that, at least according to it

The last report that Nintendo Switch sales have managed to outpace Nintendo Wii’s overall sales in Japan. However, note that this achievement only applies to the Japanese market and that Nintendo Switch has not yet managed to beat Nintendo Wii’s overall sales worldwide, but these numbers are still very encouraging. Also, based on the data, it seems that Nintendo Switch Lite is helping to increase sales, so the number of Nintendo Switch Lite units sold seems to be more than twice the number of units sold from the Nintendo Switch itself. This is not surprising since Nintendo Switch Lite is cheaper than the regular Nintendo Switch, plus it’s more portable which makes it more attractive as well.

Nintendo Wii’s total sales broke the barrier of 100 million units. Nintendo DS is still the best selling Nintendo gaming device, with sales of more than 150 million units, but given the growing popularity of the Nintendo Switch Lite, we wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo Switch outperforms other Nintendo devices on sales level .


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