Salam Saad from Joel: (It was said by Nesthi, we say it)


Tell me – the etiquette and protocol expert, Dr. Salam Saad, commented on the video of plastic artist Joel Mardinian, during which she talked about taking care of herself and exposing her mother to her.

Joel Mardinian surprised her audience while communicating with them through the technology of direct broadcast on Instagram, by revealing an embarrassing situation she was exposed to in a place in Lebanon with her mother.

In the details, the expert, according to (Fuchsia), was invited to attend a concert of Lebanese singer Wael Mansour, whom she recognized by appearing with him in an episode with the Lebanese media Nishan, indicating that she attended the ceremony that lasted until the early hours of dawn.

Joel Mardinian said that when she enters anywhere she sits on a chair and stays in her place until she leaves, noting that during that night she ate 4 soft drinks, which made her want to enter the “bathroom”, but decided to hold together until she returned home.

She asserted that she could not hold together, so she had to sit on the floor until her friends brought the car to leave the place and return to her home, but her sitting on the floor did not come as a result, and she spent her need in her clothes she wore, and from here she could not move.

She pointed out that when her friends came to leave the place, she could not tell them what had happened, because she embarrassed them, but her mother disclosed the matter and presented her to a more embarrassing situation, concluding her speech to her audience: “If you see me with only a declaration (to Pampers) the next period, you will know why.”

It is interesting that, since the disclosure of this story, the followers were divided between those who praised her spontaneity and those who criticized the expert harshly, humiliated her, and some accused her that her speech is not responsible in light of the crisis in the universe due to the Corona virus, considering that she loves to manufacture and loves to provoke controversy.

It should be noted that Joel Mardinian had sparked controversy a while ago through a video in which she was shaving part of her hair in a way that provoked a number of social media pioneers.


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