Salam continues to prepare Saudi youth for global communication


Source: Riyadh – Arabic. Net

The “Salam” project for civilized communication concluded the third version of the program for qualifying young leaders for global communication, with the aim of presenting the Kingdom’s achievements and its cultural and human heritage to the world, and enhancing concepts of areas of coexistence, peace and civilized communication.

During the four weeks, the project provided 12 workshops aimed at enabling the participants to gain scientific knowledge of the most prominent issues and challenges related to the Kingdom, and to benefit from expertise in international partnerships in an effective and direct manner, provided by 13 local and international experts, in addition to the Secretary-General and members of the Board of Directors of the King Abdullah International Center for Dialogue Among the followers of religions and cultures.

From the workshops
From the workshops

The first week included three workshops, on the most important issues and allegations raised about Saudi Arabia in international reports and means of responding to them, presented by Dr. Fahd Al Sultan, Executive Director of the Salam Project, and Dr. Saleh Al-Khathlan, Chairman of the Shura Council Foreign Affairs Committee, presented a workshop entitled Reality of the mental image and ways to develop it, and discussed In it the most important means of forming the mental image, the most prominent measures and indicators thereof, and ways to enhance it, and the third workshop was on public diplomacy and soft powers, and was presented by Dr. Saud Kateb, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Public Diplomacy previously, and dealt with the concepts of the diplomat Public sources and the importance of harnessing the Kingdom for service issues.

The second week included workshops, including building initiatives in civilizational communication, presented by Engineer Bassam Al-Kharashi, and ways and methods of dealing with international media, and two members presented by Al-Ahmari, the editor of The Independent of Arabia, in which he addressed the most important issues discussed by the media about the Kingdom, and participates with the trainees in ways to respond to them In creative ways.

The third day included the participation of a group of graduates of the Leadership Program in its first and second versions, their acquaintances with the trainees of the third edition, and they also presented a summary of their experiences in representing the Kingdom in international forums.

And he continued the third week in presenting the workshops, including the mental image of the Kingdom from a Western perspective, presented by the international expert, Dr. Daniel Guillaume, and communication with the culturally diverse, and presented by the global coach Dr. Patrice Broder, Peacebuilding and Pluralism, presented by global trainer Dr. Muhammad Abu Nimer.

At the end of the third week, the participants in the Young Leadership Qualification Program for Global Communication met the Secretary-General of the King Abdullah International Center for Dialogue between Followers of Religions and Cultures, General Supervisor of the Project, Faisal Bin Muammar, and the members of the Center’s Board of Directors, in an open meeting in which talk was made about the culture of peace and the values ​​of coexistence , And promote respect for cultural diversity.

The members of the Board of Directors of the King Abdullah International Center (KAICID) also got acquainted with the Salam project for civilized communication, its goals and initiatives, where the participants gave them an idea about the program of qualifying young leaders for global communication, and they answered their questions about the role of youth in spreading the culture of communication and dialogue, and promoting a culture of coexistence between Followers of religions and cultures, and the fourth week included three workshops presented by 5 lecturers.


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