Saint-Germain “opens the door” for the departure of his star Neymar


The NBA star, Neymar da Silva, is able to leave the French team this summer, for a fee of just over half of his value when he joined the Princes Park, the stronghold of the Parisian club.

Paris Saint-Germain sports director Leonardo Araujo announced that Neymar da Silva will be available for those looking to buy during the summer transfer period, according to the newspaper “Mirror”.

With this announcement, the Brazilian international, who has suffered a long injury this season, was given the green light to move in this summer window, according to a report published by American media, where his former club Barcelona is the main party interested in this issue.

It is noteworthy that many previous reports indicated that Barcelona was around the corner from the recovery of Neymar, but the officials of the Spanish and French teams did not reach an agreement.

According to the report of the American network “ESPN”, the French side is looking to recover part of the price that it paid for the most expensive player in the world in 2017, as it appears that it is ready to accept about $ 168 million in order to abandon the Brazilian international.

It is worth noting that Neymar’s transfer from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain is the highest in history, as the French club was forced to pay the value of the penalty clause in order to be able to annul Neymar’s contract with Barcelona, ​​which amounted to 263 million dollars.

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