Saad merely announces that he does not regret anything despite the issues


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The artist revealed Saad just because About new details about his personal life and childhood, and about the crises he went through and does he feel remorse for having managed to overcome them during the last period.

The artist Saad just talked about his meeting about fame and its impact on him as a star, specifically after the great success that he achieved during the past years, and whether he was infected with arrogance after this success. He said: “Every ordinary person should be careful when fame dominates his life and he must steer clear of vanity. It is he who brings him back to the place where he appeared, and the global star Will Smith is my idol in not vanity, and my relationship with my friends and family members is always nature away from any official things, and I do not deny that some are going through a vanity crisis at the beginning, and added: “Fame Not an easy thing and everyone should be able to handle With fame not all positives. ”

Saad also revealed just because of the reason that makes him not regret anything he went through during his artistic journey and considered that every experience made him learn from it and did not regret it, as he stressed: “I am afraid of God and he is the only one that I fear from him and after the parents, and I find that the best moment in My life when I find my father and mother proud of me, and the most difficult moment is not feeling this way, and I do not regret anything, everything that I went through made me learn many things, which is why I am now.

Saad explained just because he wanted to forget all the difficult memories that he went through and said: “I give more importance to the good things in my life and enjoy every moment, and I always remember that life is a journey until the hard memories I seek to forget because everything passes.”

Saad talked to just about his childhood period during which he showed interest in music and acting, precisely because he is from an artistic family, and he said: “In my childhood I loved to attend theatrical works with my father and my mother, as well as I love to listen to music and my relationship with the two is strong and plays a big role in my life.” : “The stage that I live in my life now is different. Every artist who strangers and lives away from his country turns to a phase of calm, specifically after the age of 30 because he has gone through many experiences, puts an end to many things he has done in the past, and the future begins in earnest.”

Saad spoke merely of his relationship with the audience and that they are the real reason for his continuation and his feeling that he is still able to present successful works. He said: “I feel happy when he meets me with the lovers because I feel their love, and I am not the type to draw a smile on his face, but I find my personality dealing with the love of the audience spontaneously. Clear, even if I go through difficult experiences when I meet a small child or a big lady who expresses to me her happiness with what I offer I forget anything sad. ”

As for the success of the song “Insay”, he said just because: “When I choose a song and succeed I feel that I am present and successful and that I am able to do a good job and enjoy the reaction, and this is what happened with the song (Insay), which I chose her lyrics and melody with Mohamed Ramadan And I achieved this great success, which made me say that I did it again. ”

It is noteworthy that Saad had just passed through a major crisis during the past years that prevented him from traveling and staying in France on the background of a rape case, and he allowed the movement during the last period to participate in artistic activities, even though the French judiciary decided several weeks ago to refer Saad just to the criminal court and cancel The last ruling is to reduce the charges from rape to assault and violence, which is considered a shocking development in the case of Saad just because he ignored all this and continued to present his artwork.

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