Ryan Geller exposes his father and demands his arrest .. Watch!


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Saudi social media star Ryan Geller has caused widespread controversy on social media after his father exposed him to deal with him because he is insulting him and despising him in addition to his hatred and accusation that he is the cause of his illness, calling on the Saudi authorities to arrest him.

In a video clip posted on “Snapchat”, Ryan Geller said that the Saudi authorities intervened to find a solution to his presence in the father’s house, noting that he does not spend money on him, curses him constantly and hates him for no reason.

Ryan Geller added that his father accused him of the cause of his illness and expelled him from home from time to time, pointing out that he was sending him messages carrying a lot of harm, then Ryan was crying, wishing to stay with his family without being subjected to insults and asking: “What is my fault?”.

He explained that in a teenage period, he could be independent in his life, stating: “I am tired, I can bear, but man has energy, but I cannot.”

He pointed out that some people asked him to keep the secrets of a house and did not show his weakness, but he reached a large stage of fatigue and demanded a solution to his condition.

He stressed that he does not know to communicate with the numbers of responsible authorities to resolve his affair, noting that he did not cause problems for his father, concluding that he does not want anything from his father either, and that he waives all his rights and only wants to live without insulting.

Ryan Geller had celebrated with a number of his friends by leaving the hospital after his health condition improved, after he suffered from a mental illness, where he suffered a heart attack that caused him paralysis in the face, expressing their love for him and sending him support messages as shown in a video clip circulated by the pages interested in celebrities through “Instagram” as they brought a cake to celebrate.

A friend of Ryan Geller revealed his health, saying that he was in good health, but he would review the doctors for his condition permanently. And not to be put under pressure.

Source: Fuchsia


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