Russian experts think Corona will fall from a meteorite in space … and Iran: a US biological attack


Vyacheslav Eileen, head of the department of the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, believes that the SK virus is not excluded from falling into a Chinese meteorite.

“The Chandra Wickrasingh, the famous external biologist from Cardiff University in Wales, announced a few days ago that he did not rule out that the Corona virus, had fallen to the ground with the meteor that exploded over China in October 2019,” Eilen was quoted by the Russian Novosti news agency as saying.

The Russian expert added that, to answer the question accurately, a study of the DNA synthesis of similar viruses must be carried out during a long journey in space. It is planned to conduct such an experiment in the years 2023-2024 when the Bion-M No. 2 is launched.

This experiment includes the release of a rock “meteorite” on the surface of which there are holes in it bacteria resistant to high temperatures and some chemicals that can form the basis of the composition of organic materials. The main goal of this experiment is to verify whether life on Earth has been brought from space.

“This is a very exciting experiment from the point of view of the ability to transport biological materials, including nucleotide chains, which can be the basis for synthesis of anything similar to viruses,” he says.

This comes as an official of the Iranian National Committee to Combat Corona announced that his country’s scientists are investigating the hypothesis that the outbreak of the Corona virus was caused by a US biological attack.

After the Supreme Leader accused the United States implicitly of making and spreading the Corona virus, the Iranian official said that Iranian scientists would verify the possibility that the United States had created special viruses to infect the Iranians.

The Iranian Supreme Leader has declared in this regard: “It is said that America has produced viruses specific to Iranian genes.”

The hypotheses about the source of the new coronavirus, which has turned into a pandemic that has spread around the world, did not stop accusing the United States of creating the new virus in the laboratory.

On the other hand, experts specializing in infectious diseases responded to this account by emphasizing that the “Covid-19” virus is similar to other well-known coronaviruses, stressing that this affirms that the virus was transmitted to humans from animals and not from a newly falling meteorite.


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