Rogani after being infected with the Coronavirus: I am fine


Rest assured Daniele Rogani, Team defender Juventus The Italian, the masses, on his health after bCorona Virus, Expressing his hope that his injury had “raised the level of awareness” for everyone.

The defender said in statements to the TV channel of the Club of the Old Lady: «I am fine, I want to calm everyone’s fears did not show me the dangerous symptoms that we hear about it definitely, so I consider that I am lucky.

He added: “However, it was a real shock because I was the first in our field (among soccer players) I hope this topic has helped raise awareness, especially among those who did not understand the seriousness of this problem.”

Rogani – the 25-year-old, who is currently in mandatory quarantine in a room in his team’s hotel in Turin – sent a message of thanks to his fans, saying that “a lot of people wrote to me and I thank them, I will go beyond that, we will skip this, and I hope we all go out More powerful than him. ”

Rogani was the first player in the major European national championships to prove he was infected with the “Covid-19” virus, according to what Juventus announced last Wednesday.

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The club, which won the Italian championship in the last eight seasons, said in a statement: “The result of the tests (which Rogani underwent) was positive. The club will now perform all required isolation according to the laws, including what relates to the people who were in contact with him.”It is the second time that Rogani has addressed Juventus fans since he confirmed his infection with the virus, as he reassured them hours later of this with a post on his Instagram account that he confirmed was fine, calling on all to respect the measures imposed to curb the spread of the virus.

Italy is the country in Europe most affected by the “Covid-19”, which is classified as a global epidemic by the World Health Organization. As of Monday morning, the country had recorded 1,809 deaths and 24,747 injuries, according to an AFP tally from official sources.


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