Reports .. Real Madrid is waiting for Liverpool to sign Salah’s replacement


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London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: According to some Spanish sources, the Liverpool administration is planning to contract with the future alternative of the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, in anticipation of the departure of the English Premier League’s top scorer last two years, with renewed news linking his future to the Real Madrid giant.
The Spanish network, “Diario Ghoul”, said that the American administration, which takes the lead in the Premier League, will not stand in the way of the pharaoh, if he decides to search for a new challenge in the next summer transfer market, after the arrival of his strategic alternative, and the reference to the English international Jadon Sancho.

The report pointed out that Real Madrid President Florentino Perez will not throw all his weight in the deal for the Borussia Dortmund Pavilion, although it is one of the names nominated to go to “Santiago Bernabeu” next season, to hit two birds with one stone, from which he will leave Liverpool to sign with the 19-year-old without harassment, including Also taking advantage of the situation, to pounce on the pharaoh at an affordable price.
According to the same source, Sancho’s joining of “Anfield” will accelerate the end of Abu Makkah’s trip with the Reds, which the president of the Merengue club wants, in the hope that conditions will help him to transfer Salah to the club of the last century, in exchange for fees not exceeding 100 million euros, due to Zainuddin’s need. Zidane, for the player with the same specifications as the Merseyside redman, after getting rid of Gareth Bale and Luka Jovich and everyone who failed to persuade the coach this season.
It is worth noting that, since football stopped in the major European leagues, Spanish newspapers and websites have returned to put Salah’s name in a useful sentence with the Royal Club, given that he will ask to leave after the title of the Premier League has been formally resolved, in search of a more exciting challenge with the Real or Barca, The same applies to his Senegalese son Sadio Mane, whose future is tied to the same two giants.


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