Report against a famous person who offended the state’s efforts to combat the virus with the worst terms


Riyadh (Echo):

Citizens attacked, a famous Snapchat, after he published a video clip talking about research centers in the Kingdom and the world, which are working to discover a vaccine against the Corona virus.

Citizens considered that the famous mocked research centers that work around the clock to produce an effective treatment for the new virus, describing it as the ugliest vocabulary.

Citizens also insulted the label “The rock offends the efforts of the state,” in which they criticized the behavior of the famous snape, demanding that he be held accountable for what he committed after he insulted doctors, soldiers, and research centers according to what they said.

What the celebrity has done is considered a violation of the information crime system, as the article of the system stipulates that: A penalty of imprisonment for a period not exceeding five years and a fine of no more than three million riyals, or one of these two penalties, shall be applied to any person who commits any of the following information crimes:

1 – Produce something that might prejudice public order, religious values, public morals, or the sanctity of private life, or prepare, send, or store it through the information network or one of the computers.

2- Establishing or publishing a website on the information network, or one of the computers, for trafficking in mankind, or facilitating dealing with it.

3 – Create, publish or promote material and data related to pornographic networks, or the activities of a facilitator against public decency.

4- Establishing or publishing a website on the information network, or one of the computers, for drug trafficking, or psychotropic substances, or for promoting or dealing with them, or facilitating dealing with them.

One of the citizens announced that he had filed a complaint against him through the application of “We are all safe”, considering that his communication mocked that he would participate in treating Corona with “immorality” as a national duty and describing the treatment of the ugliest vocabulary that does not develop the same slander.

For its part, the writer Mounira Al-Mashkas commented: “The rock” is the effort of the state, and it is the first time for his negligence and catastrophe that the prosecutors of liberalism are those who support him. I allowed some people with empty minds to imitate him.


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