Renault enters the future with an unprecedented car!


Renault enters the future with an unprecedented car!

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The French Renault recently reviewed a new test car that many described as going to form the basis for future vehicles.

One of the strangest things that the MORPHOZ came in was the design of its chassis, which makes it move to increase the vehicle’s length or shorten to change with its movement the interior space of its cabin.

Its exoskeleton was completely devoid of door handles, and was replaced by touch panels to open and close the doors, and the side mirrors were also replaced by cameras showing the movement of the driver on internal screens.

The car’s cabin did not come less strange and modern than its exterior design, as it lacked the traditional control buttons and was replaced by touch screens, even the steering wheel provided a touch screen to control the driving techniques.

It also provided its cabin with 4 mobile seats that can be controlled electronically in different ways so that travel is a real pleasure, and beside the passengers, Renault installed electronic touch control panels to control the multimedia, lighting and air conditioning systems.

Renault enters the future with an unprecedented car!

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And this car got systems to charge phones and smart devices wirelessly, in addition to small refrigerators for drinks.

The fact that this car was designed to be a future transport vehicle has made it Renault environmentally friendly and electric, and provided it with special technologies that allow it to be charged wirelessly as it plans to provide roads in the future with wireless charging units for cars, as well as attached batteries sufficient for a distance of 400 per charge and engine with a torque of 217 horsepower.

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