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The Saudi Ministry of Justice announced the implementation of a new service in its courts that would allow litigants to exchange legal notes via the Internet.

According to The official Saudi news agency “SPA” The integration of the digital structure of the Ministry of Justice enabled the beneficiaries to implement the “remote memo exchange” service, which the litigants submit to the courts of first instance, in order to shorten the time, especially in light of the current circumstances represented in the suspension of attendance to government workplaces due to the precautionary measures of Virus New Corona (Coved 19).

The ministry said: “The new service comes within a variety of digital services package, which is a service that allows the exchange of notes electronically, and is available to the plaintiff and the defendant or their official representatives.”

The new service provides parties to the lawsuit (litigants) to deposit the required memos from them, and to review the memos deposited by the litigants “remotely” in a complete electronic manner without the need to review the court, where the parties are notified when depositing new notes from one of the litigants while enabling them to respond to them and attach any Papers or documents related to the case.

The memo exchange service is one of the litigation options stipulated in the Supreme Judicial Council’s decision, in order to facilitate the beneficiaries and provide services in line with the precautionary measures.


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