Relative calm in Idlib .. The regime violates it with a few shells


While a Russian source announced that there is an obligation to the agreement from the parties concerned, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed that the regime forces fired several artillery shells at the opposition strongholds as soon as the agreement entered into force, but pointed out that calm prevailed later.The Turkish Presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian Vladimir Putin, after a summit that lasted about 6 hours and was held in the Russian capital, Moscow, reached a cease-fire agreement in Idlib, Syria.

Prior to the announcement of this agreement, 16 civilians were killed and others were seriously injured as a result of Russian air strikes targeting a center housing displaced persons near the town of Ma`ara Masrin in the northern Idlib countryside.

A woman was also killed by artillery shelling of the regime forces targeting the city of Dara Azza in the western countryside of Aleppo. Russian and Syrian aircraft launched intense air strikes on the towns of Jabal Al-Zawiya in Idlib countryside, causing great damage to them.

On the other hand, the Russian RIA Novosti agency announced that organizations it described as “terrorist” intensively targeted the Damascus-Aleppo road before entering the armistice agreement, which led to the destruction of at least 5 cars.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense said that the Syrian regime forces opened fire against the Turkish forces, killing a Turkish soldier. The ministry confirmed that Turkish forces had responded extensively to the sources of fire in the area, and had destroyed specific targets.

The ministry announced the killing of 21 members of the Syrian regime forces, in response to the killing of the Turkish soldier in the Operation “Spring Shield” in Idlib. The ministry said: “An armed unmanned droning plane destroyed 21 members of the Syrian regime forces, and destroyed two artillery and two missile launchers.”

Earlier Thursday, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced that two soldiers were killed, one on Thursday and the other on Wednesday, and 3 others were wounded in the area of ​​Operation “Spring Shield”.

The Russian and Turkish parties considered that the new agreement is an additional supplement to the Sochi Agreement, and includes the establishment of a safe passage width 6 km north of the international road “M4”, and 6 km south of the road and the cessation of all military activities along the seam in the de-escalation zone and the conduct of joint Turkish and Russian patrols as of From March 15th, along the “M4” road between Tarnaba west of Saraqib and Ain Al-Hour.


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