Reina comments on the symptoms of Corona: as if it was a runaway train


Source: Arabic. Net

Bibi Reina, the Aston Villa England goalkeeper, has announced symptoms of the Coronavirus, following an outbreak in various parts of Europe.

“I have had a health problem in recent weeks. It was different and difficult, but they do not take tests here, unless you feel really bad, and I talked to the doctors and they told me that they are symptoms of the Corona virus,” the Spanish guard said in comments reported by the English newspaper, “The Sun”. .

He added: I did not receive an official confirmation, but I know that it is corona, I was suffering from fever and coughing, and I could not breathe well, and I felt like a truck or train ran over me, two or three days have passed very difficult, I stayed in the home stone, and my family also, and for me Football is a secondary issue now. Human health is at stake, not in Spain, Italy or Britain. Rather, we are talking about the whole world, and no one knows when we will play football again.

Reina stressed that football is not the most important thing at the moment, explaining: There are many interests at stake, and many economic aspects that will suffer due to Corona.


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